Our Story

United by Tea

Camphill Village Copake was founded during a transformative movement in the United States to reform how society treats people with special needs.

When you drink Healing Plant Garden teas, you are supporting the residents of Camphill Village Copake, where adults with and without developmental disabilities live together and work side-by-side as equals in our craft studios and gardens, including the Healing Plant Garden. 

man in the garden

The tradition of recognizing the therapeutic benefits of agriculture has been celebrated throughout the worldwide Camphill Movement for decades, including here at Camphill Village Copake, the first Camphill community in North America, founded in 1961. 

Our tea names pay homage to our Austrian and German roots, and to the selfless founders of the Camphill Movement of the 1940s and beyond.

Our Commitment

All of our biodynamic and organic ingredients are grown responsibly, using the sustainable growing methods practiced in the Healing Plant Garden for decades. In biodynamic agriculture, the animals, crops, and soil all represent one system that is treated holistically. Instead of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, we rely upon natural nutrition from the composts and manures from our own land. Soil is continuously restored, and the regenerative cycle begins again.

The Healing Plant Garden’s goal is to release plants’ natural restorative qualities that can be enjoyed by everyone while sustaining the ecological harmony present throughout our land.