Our Teas

Healing Plant Garden Teas are blended for delicious flavor and designed for social impact

The Austrian origins of Rudolf Steiner and the Camphill movement inspired the names of our first three Healing Plant Garden herbal blends, expertly crafted by Harney and Sons Fine Teas. Zitröne means lemon, Vive means life and Küss translates as kiss.


Zitrone Tea Bag with CBD

What a zesty way to begin your day

Zitröne means lemon. Focus and harness your energy for the day ahead. An invigorating blend of biodynamic clover, nettle, ginger, lemongrass, verbena, lemon balm, green tea, and rose hips. Zitröne is a delicious lemony treat that brings both zip and focus to your day. Contains caffeine and 25mg of biodynamically grown CBD.



Live the sweet life with a lovely cup of Vive

Vive loosely translated means lively or brisk. Sit back and sip delicious, soothing Vive tea to make a lovely island relaxation any time of day. You deserve this delicate, refreshing and caffeine-free brew with warm, sweet notes of biodynamic hibiscus, sweet basil, licorice, fennel, calendula, and anise. Contains 25mg of CBD.



Tuck yourself in with a goodnight Küss

Küss translates as kiss. We created Küss to provide a gentle unwind and solid sleep. Blended from a combination of caffeine-free herbs and flowers: bee balm, linden, calendula, rose petals, rose hips, lemon balm, sweet marjoram, and spicy basil. Küss is the recipe for a restful evening to refresh you for the day ahead. Contains 25mg of CBD.


Our Story

When you drink Healing Plant Garden teas, you are supporting the residents of Camphill Village Copake, where adults with and without developmental disabilities live together and work side-by-side as equals in our craft studios and gardens, including the Healing Plant Garden. 

Read more about the Healing Plant Garden here.